New "Easy Roll" Worm Bin!

Easy Roll Worm Bin Composter demonstration

Here is a further demonstration and discussion of the new easy roll worm bin composting system. I started developing and testing this over three years ago and have been very happy with the performance. You can find the plans and pre-built worm bins at Easy Roll Worm Bin Composter Plans

3 Responses to “Easy Roll Worm Bin Composter demonstration”

  • Great vid. Worm composting is something i am looking forward to try. I am always looking for solutions that doen’t take much space.

  • Karen:

    Fantastic! Should really help with the separation issue and be simple to use. Can’t wait to try this – it just makes sense.

  • admin:

    I have designed an alternate model which incorporates a very simple to make track system which will allow rolling in place for those who do not have adequate space. Stay tuned!

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