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Kratom Plants (mitragyna speciosa)

It was a hard winter for many of our  Kratom Plants and being that I live in the northern part of Florida, I did not think that I could get mine through the cold. Kratom is tropical and closely related to the coffee plant. As such, it does not tolerate temps lower than the 40’s. However, I left my plants in their pots so that I could move them around as need be.

What I did this winter was put them in as sheltered location as possible and then lay them completely flat on the ground. I then took heavy blankets and covered them (most of the winter nights actually). By the time the spring came, they were fairly beaten up and there was a lot die back. But now with a lot of TLC, the hot summer, and worm composting for fertilizer, you can see that they are growing like crazy!

Mitragyna Kratom Plants

Kratom Plants

I placed these  along the back wall so that you could get a feel for the size of them. I have two different varieties, and the tallest is about 7′.  I had to give many of my kratom plants away last year when I moved to my new location, or otherwise I would have a kratom forest! I am now taking kratom cuttings, and hope that these plants will be old enough this fall to display their lovely yellow flowers. From those, I hope to capture some much sought after fresh kratom seed.

Kratom has been used traditionally for pain in Thailand and other parts of the Pacific.  One can buy kratom in the US in the form of  dried leaves, kratom extract 15x,  kratom tinctures, and so forth.

It is a lovely plant, and I am always drawn to rare and hard to find plants anyhow. I also like plants that are challenging to propagate from seeds and cutting.

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