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Health Benefits of Reishi (Ganoderma Lucidum)

I figure that since I grow this in my yard and have well researched it, that I might write an article summarizing the many health benefits of this mushroom. Here is an interesting chart showing the many health benefits.  As you can see, the question could be asked, “What is it not good for?” Here is a little more information:

As to my own experience preparing and using tea out of my own “home grown” reishi, I believe that it has lowered my blood pressure and I find it helpful when I am coming down with a “bug” as it is a great boost to the immune system.  I also find it relaxing and helpful to an overall “better feeling.” I will be sharing my method of preparing it shortly. If you would like an easy and fast kit to grow this yourself, you might want to consider this product: Reishi/Ling Chi Mushroom Kit

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