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Growing Reishi Outdoors in Logs

reishislice.jpgReishi MushroomsHere are some reishi logs I inoculated in my Florida yard last year. I have had about 3 fruitings on these logs and have dried an entire bag of reishi for usage in teas. The picture on the right is of reishi that I sliced and dried. I basically purchased a 100 count bag of reishi dowel plugs from Fungi Perfecti and while I was preparing logs for shiitake inoculation, I drilled out about three shorter logs for the reishi.  Now reishi do best in tropical and perhaps temperate regions. If your climate is cold, you would need a greenhouse to be able to grow them in your area. The inoculation and maintenance procedure is actually quite simple and you can refer to my shiitake blog for details. 

3 Responses to “Growing Reishi Outdoors in Logs”

  • Ilme Simmul:

    Hello from Australia!,

    I am interested in growing reishi and wonder what is the temperature range and planting season in which they grow well.
    What varieties of tree do you use? Do the logs need to be semi-rotted?
    I’m sorry for all the questions but it is difficult to get information in Australia. I love your pictures! Thanks Ilme

  • admin:

    Hi Ilme. Reishi likes very warm temperatures and usually fruits therefore in the summer. You would not want to use semi-rotted wood, but wood that has been recently harvested and allowed to ‘cure’ for couple weeks so that the natural fungicides would be gone. I have used both oak and a wood from a tree called ‘linden.’ I had better success in the softer wood than I did in oak. However, there are probably many trees which would be suitable.

  • Hello from spain:
    That´s a good post.
    We work with Reishi products and I read your post, i like this.

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