...Let me show you how to stop wasting those kitchen and other wastes and allow worms to compost them into the best plant food on earth!...
..Build the revolutionary new Easy Roll Worm Composter with one sheet of plywood, and eliminate the 'fuss and muss' of compost collection and worm separation..

..Are you convinced of the need to turn your organic wastes into Black Gold super plant food, but are put off by the hassle of stackable worm composting systems with their need to constantly move trays around?

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Dear friend,

As a life long gardener and one who has practiced worm composting for years on different systems, I saw the need for something revolutionary in terms of finished compost collection and worm separation. I also found it a lengthy process with these common migration and stackable systems to gather the finished castings or vermicompost. Not so anymore!

I explored the so called flow-through systems, but found them to be too messy, complicated, and with a tendency to dry out often. As an engineer who loves problem solving, I put my head to work and developed a simple, inexpensive, and easy to build worm composting system which will amaze you with minimal maintenance, the amount of worms produced and the elimination of the above problems.

E-Z Wormcomposter is under patent application review

Consider the additional Easy Roll Worm Composter Bin benefits:

No more stackable units to move around. Simply roll the bin over, remove bottom and collect your compost - all without disturbing the worms or bed!
Collect very small or large amounts of compost as needed. This is more difficult in conventional worm bins.
By rolling the unit over, you access the very bottom where most worms have left, and the finished Black Gold resides.
Leaving the inverted bottom off longer before collecting, will result in worms moving further down into bedding and eliminate tortuous worm seperation from the compost
Unlike flow-through systems, you actually see what you get as you shovel the strata you are harvesting.
Far less expensive, complicated, and messy than those bottom harvest systems with their agitators, bars and screens.
Occasional rotation of bin provides aeration and gentle stimulation to your worms. And you know what that means! Eating and reproduction!


So how hard is the Easy Roll Worm Composter to build, and what special tools and talents do I need?
In addition to detailed drawings and steps, I also include a quality Complete Video Presentation of the construction!
The only tools you need are a skill saw, jig saw or band saw, drill, and standard tool box stuff.
I make it simple so that you can build this in a day.
If you have used the above tools, you can do this project!
I am here to help you through the process via email support should you need any clarification or get stuck. This is a very simple system with only 3 'different' wood parts!

Bonus # 2: Worm Composting Basics Guide
Why worm composting?
Types of compost worms
The Red Worm (Red Wiggler)
Different Systems for Worm Composting
Starting and setting up your worm bin
Foods and feeding of your compost worms
Ongoing Maintenance and Operation of the worm bin
Using your casting, vermicompost, and worm compost tea

In Summary here is what you will receive for the introductory low price of $9.95

<<Two Part Easy Construction Videos!

+ Companion illustrated Constuction PDF

<< The Basics of Worm composting Guide Ebook in PDF format. For a quick and easy start in worm composting - without being overly complicated and technical!

Included in the construction plans are suggestions to build this optional 4' model. This should be a very simple modification to the basic plan and provides plenty extra vermicomposting capacity for you heavy duty composters!

Download your plans, video and composting guide below. This download includes three files: One 3 meg zipped file and two separate "wmv" video files that are approximately 80 meg each. You will be directed to a paypal payment page, and then receive an email confirmation of your order - the videos will be downloaded at a separate link. Please view the short "readme" doc first after unzipping!
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