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Compost tea: Treating a plant problem

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Easy Roll Worm Bin Composter demonstration

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New Worm Composting Bed – Pit

worm bedThe previous owners where I recently moved left a lot of cinder blocks in the back, and so I put them to good use making an outdoor worm bed. I have installed it under some large shade trees, and so that roots would not crowd up into the compost (and moles etc), I laid down some old plywood underneath (worms find their way to the bed nevertheless).  I have been adding chopped leaves and grass, pieces of cardboard and some horse manure from a nearby stable. Read the rest of this entry »

New Easy Roll worm bin composter

I have finally completed the plans to what I feel is a revolutionary new way to compost worms. I have tested it thoroughly for about a year and it works like a champ. It eliminates the hassle of  stackable worm bins, and makes harvesting the compost a snap. Once it’s ready to harvest, the bottom is rolled upside down and lifter off. The worms have moved out leaving finished compost. Remaining worms can be encouraged to move deeper by simply leaving the bottom off for a while. Not shown in video is a simple plastic container slid underneath to capture leachate.  Ordering details for digital download will be coming soon!

New Worm Composting Guide

I have launched a new site off of this site which I will dedicate solely to the subject of worm composting. I will soon be posting an ebook on a revolutionary new vermicomposting bin which I have developed (compost harvest will be super easy!).  For now, I have posted a guide on the basics of worm composting. Enjoy

Worm Composting Guide

Worm Bin Update

As a result of moving, it’s been quite a while since I have posted an update concerning my composting worms.  Fortunately, I was able to take the wooden worm bin that I constructed with me, and so far I have gotten many loads of worm castings  from this setup. You can find the original plan sequence here DIY Stackable Worm Composter.  Referring to the photo, I am  reaching down just below the surface and you can see the substrate is absolutely full of worms. Read the rest of this entry »