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Growing Reishi Outdoors in Logs

reishislice.jpgReishi MushroomsHere are some reishi logs I inoculated in my Florida yard last year. I have had about 3 fruitings on these logs and have dried an entire bag of reishi for usage in teas. The picture on the right is of reishi that I sliced and dried. I basically purchased a 100 count bag of reishi dowel plugs from Fungi Perfecti and while I was preparing logs for shiitake inoculation, Read the rest of this entry »

Mushroom Risotto

chicken of the woodsI want to share a wonderful risotto recipe with you that we make using certain of our mushrooms (primarily the chicken of the woods but also the elm oyster).  Read the rest of this entry »

Chicken of The Woods

Since I have started cultivating a few of the gourmet and medicinal mushrooms in my backyard (shiitake, oysters, reishi, etc.) I have suddenly become much more interested in all the wild mushrooms and fungus that make their appearance around my property. Of course, I realize that few of these are edible (though few may actually be poisonous).  Chicken of the Woods, a.k.a. Laetiporus sulphureus. Read the rest of this entry »

Shiitake in Oak Logs

Shiitake LogsClick to enlarge

Pictured here are some shiitake mushrooms that I grew last year in oak logs. These logs came from a water oak that was being cleared on property next to mine. Actually, I am a bit of a tree hugger and hate cutting them and therefore, I look for those that are going to be cut anyhow. Additionally, you might contact a tree surgeon or arborist for sources. Of course, if there is an area of woods that needs to be thinned out, this might be a good idea. Read the rest of this entry »