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New Gardening Property Update!

Well, I have just moved once again – which is why it has been awhile since I have posted. I now have 1.75 acres here on Amelia Island Fl, and this is about the right amount of room to do the gardening things I wish. I do have a challenge with the orientation of my property; The house faces N-S and so I get a good bit of shadow from the oak trees with the movement of the sun. However, I have some select spots where I will be able to plant fruit trees, berries, and edible gardens. I hope to be updating this every day with pictures of my property and what my plans are for these areas.

wooden compost binThere was a lot of scrap wood in my back yard, so I used what was available (in this case, lots of 2x4s and posts) and built this compost bin to get me started.  I have it about 1/3 full with leaves, grass clippings, and starbucks grounds. Notice I attached spacer 2×4′s in the front so I can add containment as it fills up. I also have constructed a worm pit and some raised garden areas so I can at least get some winter greens going. Stay tuned as I have a lot of pics and plans coming!

DIY “stackable” composter part II

Moving compost pileHaving built and loaded the composter, it is now time to discuss routine maintenance of the pile. First however, I want to point out that what makes this unit work so well is a combination of the solar action against the dark panels, the insulation effect of the wood locking the heat in, and the separation between stacks that fascilitates aeration Read the rest of this entry »

DIY cheap/efficient “stackable” composter!

After reading many articles and reviewing many composters, I came up with an idea to make one using mostly free materials. First off, I will not get into the theory and practice of composting since there are so many excellent articles all over the net. However, I felt that there was room for improvement in both design, funtionality,  and costs for the DIY ones. Read the rest of this entry »