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Family transforms 1/10 acre into profit

I recently posted on a couple of  small raised planters I just started as an experiment, and how I have gotten more greens and salad lettuces than we can eat (have given many away!). Well, here is a family that has literally transformed a small suburban plot into an edible factory, feeding both themselves and having 1000′s of pounds left over to sell for profit.  This should inspire the rest of us to get our hands dirty and start growing!

Turning a Suburban Yard into an Organic Farm (Video)

Raised planting beds update

Raised garden plantersI am posting an update pic to the raised vegetable and herb bed planter post.  You can see what is possible with a minimal space,  and in just a couple of weeks!  I planted mustard greens in the bottom right, arugula and lettuces  in the top,  and arugula, cilantro, basil and parsley in the bottom left.  And, I have already been enjoying many of these in our salads and other recipes. I have not used any chemical fertilizers, but only some horse manure and compost from my bins. Read the rest of this entry »

Raised Vegetable and Herb Beds

wooden planter bedsIn my prior post, I mentioned moving to my new property about 1 month ago.  I have 1.75 acres and have a prime gardening plot that is about 45′ x 55′.  However, it will be until the spring before it is prepared for planting (with a lot of work!). In the meantime, I wanted to put in some winter vegetables and herbs, so I used the plain 2×6′s that were found behind the property and made some 4′x4′ beds coming off of the new paver patio (which I just installed). You can see the hot composting bin off the distance which I discussed in my last post.

When I put the finishing touches on these beds, I will be planting greens, lettuces, and herbs in them. Raised beds can offer the advantage of weed control and helping to warm the soil in the winter months (they also look cool).  However, if you have to buy the lumber and all the soil involved, the price can be expensive.  As I mentioned previously, I have a challenge dodging the shadows from some large oak trees, but placing these just off my patio gets them about 5 hours of sun daily, and also the convenience of being close to the kitchen. They are also right next to a bird feeder and bird bath which might help with insect control!

Stay tuned as I am going to be featuring all the fruit trees which I have acquired and have/will be planting on my property.  Geez, I need to clone a few of me to get all this work done.

New Gardening Property Update!

Well, I have just moved once again – which is why it has been awhile since I have posted. I now have 1.75 acres here on Amelia Island Fl, and this is about the right amount of room to do the gardening things I wish. I do have a challenge with the orientation of my property; The house faces N-S and so I get a good bit of shadow from the oak trees with the movement of the sun. However, I have some select spots where I will be able to plant fruit trees, berries, and edible gardens. I hope to be updating this every day with pictures of my property and what my plans are for these areas.

wooden compost binThere was a lot of scrap wood in my back yard, so I used what was available (in this case, lots of 2x4s and posts) and built this compost bin to get me started.  I have it about 1/3 full with leaves, grass clippings, and starbucks grounds. Notice I attached spacer 2×4′s in the front so I can add containment as it fills up. I also have constructed a worm pit and some raised garden areas so I can at least get some winter greens going. Stay tuned as I have a lot of pics and plans coming!

Square Foot Gardening

Until I can get back to filming my own garden adventures, I thought that in the meantime you might enjoy this video on Square foot Gardening.

Nice Zucchini!

zuch6-16.jpgDespite having to help the pollination along with my cucurbits, I am getting some nice veggies none the less. Here is one of the big zucchini that I picked this morning. I did have a problem with tiny worms boring up underneath some of my zucchs, but my compost worms will relish those scraps. They are not near as picky as we are and so nothing goes to waste around here.