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Bumble bees and the pollination void

beecell With European honey bees dying off, farmers are rightfully worrying about the pollination of their fields. Might the native American bumble bee serve as a suitable replacement? A recent shows that native bumble bee species have consistently high pollination and seed production levels in red clover. Could they be as successful with farm crops? Read the rest of this entry »

Parsley Worms Appearing

black swallowtail butterfly – a large, attractive insect that will visit flowers and suck nectar. The Black Swallowtail caterpillar changes appearance each time it molts. In the last few stages of growth, it is white and green, with black bands and yellow or orange spots.

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Northern Flicker

northern flickerBeing that my property¬†borders the northeast Florida intracoastal marsh, and the fact that I have lots of trees and shrubbery, my property is usually loaded with all manner of birds. Now when I first spotted a flock (group?) of these the other day moving from the trees to the ground, I did not know what they were. I knew for sure that Read the rest of this entry »

Introduction to “backyard nature”

I will soon be writing and posting pictures here of various observations of “critters” and wildlife around my property and garden. Stay tuned and be sure to visit my “Photos” link above to see the many native plants in my yard!