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Compost tea: Treating a plant problem

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Current fruit trees in the landscape

It’s been about 2 months+  since we moved to our new 1.75 acre property and I have been ‘busy as a bee’ planting fruit trees.  Early winter is a good time to get discounts on plants; For example, our local Lowe’s will mark 1/2 off deciduous fruit trees (loose their leaves) because people won’t tend to buy plants without leaves, pretty flowers, etc. But you and I know this spells a good deal, right? I even got nice blueberry plants and figs the other day for $2.50 each because of the first cold snap. Read the rest of this entry »

Easy Roll Worm Bin Composter demonstration

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New Easy Roll worm bin composter

I have finally completed the plans to what I feel is a revolutionary new way to compost worms. I have tested it thoroughly for about a year and it works like a champ. It eliminates the hassle of  stackable worm bins, and makes harvesting the compost a snap. Once it’s ready to harvest, the bottom is rolled upside down and lifter off. The worms have moved out leaving finished compost. Remaining worms can be encouraged to move deeper by simply leaving the bottom off for a while. Not shown in video is a simple plastic container slid underneath to capture leachate.  Ordering details for digital download will be coming soon!

Hachiya persimmons – dried and delicious!

Hachiya PersimmonWe have moved into an older neighborhood where people used to know what persimmon trees were and fortunately planted a few trees.  I  couldn’t resist the temptation while walking the other day, when I saw a tree loaded with huge persimmons in a new neighbor’s yard.  Because there were persimmons starting to fall and rot on the ground, we figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask for some, and because the guy didn’t even know what a persimmon was, we scored about 35 large persimmons off this tree!

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Avocado Tree From Seed

Pictured here is an avocado tree started from seed by a friend just a couple of years ago! It was started from a Haas avocado, but because plants started from seed do not usually produce specimens ‘true to kind’, it may not have all the characteristics of the true Haas.  However, so far the leaves and such seem to be developing along the lines of a Haas.  When I received the plant, it was getting pot bound, so I moved it to a larger container, and plan on putting it in the ground this coming spring. Read the rest of this entry »