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Northern Flicker

northern flickerBeing that my property borders the northeast Florida intracoastal marsh, and the fact that I have lots of trees and shrubbery, my property is usually loaded with all manner of birds. Now when I first spotted a flock (group?) of these the other day moving from the trees to the ground, I did not know what they were. I knew for sure that they resembled a woodpecker while in the trees, but I had never seen woodpeckers feed off the ground (or move in a group).

Anyhow, I got my trusty audubon book out and identified them as northern flickers.  I was surprised to see that they were common and that their range covered a good portion of the US (as I had not remembered seeing them before). If anyone knows the exact species of northern flicker (based on the picture) I would enjoy hearing from you. Also, I will be posting many more pics of my property in the future (and the sights thereof).

Amonst the birds that I have seen in my yard are – Songbirds: cardinal, blue jay, wren, titmouse, chickadee, rufous tohwee, yellow finch, indigo bunting, painted bunting, black birds, sparrows, robbins, grackle, warblers, doves, oriole, catbird, humming bird. Woodpeckers: downy, red headed, pileated, sapsucker, red bellied, hairy, norther flicker. Prey Birds: owls, hawks, kestrel, osprey, whip-poor-will.

There are many others (including the water birds that frequent my back yard marsh), but these are some that temporarily come to mind. On another note, please be thoughtful when clearing shrubbery and trees from your lot! Many people do this religously but don’t realize the impact it has on bird habitat. For example, the indigo bunting lives in a very small region along the eastern coast (and a few other spots) and they rely on the shrubbery for cover and nest building. Well of course, everyone who lives anywhere near the waterfront practices clear cutting for maximum views etc. and as a result this beautiful birds population is being severely threatened (sigh).

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