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Compost tea: Treating a plant problem

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Current fruit trees in the landscape

It’s been about 2 months+  since we moved to our new 1.75 acre property and I have been ‘busy as a bee’ planting fruit trees.  Early winter is a good time to get discounts on plants; For example, our local Lowe’s will mark 1/2 off deciduous fruit trees (loose their leaves) because people won’t tend to buy plants without leaves, pretty flowers, etc. But you and I know this spells a good deal, right? I even got nice blueberry plants and figs the other day for $2.50 each because of the first cold snap. Read the rest of this entry »

Using pressure treated wood in the garden?

This is something that I have wondered about and until now have strictly avoided using pressure treated lumber in any gardening or related DIY projects. However, it seems that in certain applications (like raised planter beds), that if precautions are taken, there may not be much impact of the more dangerous chemical ‘arsenic.’ There appear to be certain preparations one could take to avoid the problem of leaching into the soil. Anyhow, I encourage you to read the following article and decide for yourself.

Does pressure treated wood belong in the garden?

Family transforms 1/10 acre into profit

I recently posted on a couple of  small raised planters I just started as an experiment, and how I have gotten more greens and salad lettuces than we can eat (have given many away!). Well, here is a family that has literally transformed a small suburban plot into an edible factory, feeding both themselves and having 1000′s of pounds left over to sell for profit.  This should inspire the rest of us to get our hands dirty and start growing!

Turning a Suburban Yard into an Organic Farm (Video)

Easy Roll Worm Bin Composter demonstration

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New Worm Composting Bed – Pit

worm bedThe previous owners where I recently moved left a lot of cinder blocks in the back, and so I put them to good use making an outdoor worm bed. I have installed it under some large shade trees, and so that roots would not crowd up into the compost (and moles etc), I laid down some old plywood underneath (worms find their way to the bed nevertheless).  I have been adding chopped leaves and grass, pieces of cardboard and some horse manure from a nearby stable. Read the rest of this entry »