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ourpic.jpgHi, I am  “the backyard farmer” (pictured with my lovely wife) and we now reside in Fernandina Beach – Amelia Island Florida. While my degree and profession have been in the engineering, science, and computer related fields, I have always had a passion for gardening and nature. From the time I was very young, I liked planting seeds, trying to graft plants, and working with my family in their gardens. In the many different places that I have lived as an adult, I have grown many different varieties of vegetables and fruit and have learned many things about how to make edible gardening succeed for the small home grower. As part of my experience, I have also learned much working in both landscaping and plant nurseries. In addition to my gardening interests, I guess that you could say that I have become an avid (and frugal) environmentalist – and this reflects itself in my goal to garden in ways that are in harmony with nature and are also sustainable (as in permaculture). I decided to create this website and blog because I also have a quest to share what I have learned in the hopes that it will encourage folks to start growing their own foods, and also hopefully to “reconnect” with the land and nature. As you read through this blog, it will become evident as to the amazing variety and quantities of food that can be “home farmed” on a small home site! I am also an avid researcher (and practitioner) on the health topics as they relate to natural foods and have dedicated a category accordingly. In summary, the main purpose of this site is to share ideas, DIY innovations, and keep an anecdotal log of my progress in cultivating a variety of backyard home grown foods (some quite unusual LOL!). I hope you all enjoy the journey, and please contact me with your ideas and experiences. Also, we would be grateful to folks who can help us expand the emphasis and content of our projects and help support the expense of maintaining a website.

If you wish to contact us with any questions or comments, please do so here..