New Youtube Worm Bin demonstration


“Easy Roll” Worm Bin Plans (videos) >>  Can Be found here

Youtube demonstration of worm bin.

zucheffects.jpgMy purpose in creating this site is to share my experiences and knowledge in home farming and cultivating a variety of  edibles in an organic and ecologically friendly manner.  I will also be introducing some fun and exciting new areas of food production that most folks are probably unfamiliar with!

I will be posting regularly on ways to grow a variety of foods that are healthier,  tastier, have greater yields in less space, are chemical free, protect and enhance the environment, and are cheap and rewarding to grow. My own Florida backyard will be “the laboratory” to experiment with a variety of exciting new “backyard farming” adventures. Of course, many of these ideas are applicable on a larger farming scale and not just restricted to a backyard home grown setting. Just one look at the ever increasing prices of vegetables, fruits, and other foods should be encouragement to consider exercising one’s “green thumb.”

I am particularly interested in the idea of permaculture, wherein a number of “inputs” and “outputs” of the farming (and property maintenance) process are utilized in such a way that practically nothing goes to waste. It is imperative that we get back to sustainable approaches of living in the interest of both nature and ourselves.

The news is rife with the consequences of improper management of our resources. This ranges from the disappearance of bee species, the effect that chemicals and toxins are having on our bodies and environment, and even extends to increasing water shortages worldwide.

Here are just some of the areas we will be exploring:

  • Vermiculture and worm composting techniques with a new “twist!”  Learn about innovative ways to raise a few different varieties of worms and the wonderful benefits they will bring to your garden and plants!
  • Composting Using the “hot” method of breaking down wastes for use in the garden and worm bins.
  • Growing a variety of vegetables, herbs, fruit trees, and other “plant edibles.” I will also be growing heirloom tomatoes.
  • Natural Techniques. We will cover a variety of natural and organic methods for providing nutrients (fertilizer) for plants, pest control, water conservation, etc.
  • Gourmet & Medicinal Mushrooms. We will grow a few different tasty and healthy mushroom species right in your backyard (vegetarians take notice!).
  • Health From the Garden I will be posting excerpts and links from the health news front concerning exciting discoveries and findings that you won’t want to miss!